Adamstown Public School

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P & C

The P&C meets every fourth Monday via Google Meet at 6:30pm.  The P&C promotes the interest of the school by bringing parents, citizens, and teaching staff into close cooperation. They assist in providing facilities and equipment for the school and promote the recreation and welfare of the students at the school. The P&C assists and cooperates with teaching staff at public functions involving the school and encourages parent and community participation in curriculum and other educational issues. Members may participate on school committees, fund-raise for new equipment or resources, or promote the school in the community. In short, the P&C is your voice in the school community. 




Office Bearers for 2024

President - Emily Dunlop

Treasurer - Leah Kitley  Assistant - Tammy Howell

Grants Officer - Cheryl Banks

Vice President - Canteen & Uniform - Sam Saint

Vice President - OOSH - Thea Cooper

Secretary - Liz Todd

Events Coordinator - Jane Hartcher

Communications Officer - Nicola Heath

Events Promotion Officer - Sara Davenport

Canteen Managers - Nicole Price & Buruschke Morrow

Uniform Shop Manager - Alice Baxendale